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Mid-Winter Sun

The beginnings of Raw Milk, Oatmeal and Honey soap.

Girl creativity.  I-Cord bracelets!

Friends in Mid-Winter sunshine.

No-bake cookies made by a no-bake 15 year old boy, man.

Sunshine in a bowl.  Calendula flowers finding their way into a batch of China Sun soap.

These mid-winter days have been filled with glorious, warm sunshine.  I’m satisfied with the pace we’ve shared as a family…productive, yet relaxed and enjoyed.  Looking at the clock at nearly 5:30 only to realize it’s still light out brings reflection that these slow, winter days are to be cherished.  Soon enough, there will be long days spent outdoors, breathing deep the fragrance of new life.  Each season is a gift and presents its own purpose.  Lessons in finding peace through change abound.  I love the gifts of seasons.  So soak in these days and let the dreams of spring creep in.