Busy, but fun and productive days have been had around here.  Saturday took us on a hunt for more “seconds” apples, those deemed not good enough for fancy things and reduced in cost by the box.  Upon careful selection, we find them to be great for applesauce and pies!  A delicious, rustic-crust apple pie served with caramel sauce (by way of The Pioneer Woman’s recipe), topped with home-made whipped cream.  Oh my, I wish I had some more.

Saturday also produced a new batch of lemongrass soap, then an easy dinner of baked potato bar.

A little disappointed that I wasn’t willing to share the last piece of that apple pie on Sunday, he decided to make his own pie.  Yes, from scratch.  He is a well-rounded soul with multiple skills.  He went with a mixed berry and it. was. delicious.  His first pie crust, on his own, with only a couple questions along the way.  I’m so sorry I forgot a picture of the finished pie.  It was beautiful!

Today, I was surprised and thrilled that the same boy said he’d let me cut his hair.  It’s been years since I’ve done this and without fond memories.  But there is something just so fun about pretending you’re a hairstylist.  In the end, after some experimenting, we ended up with a “2” on the side and “6” on the top.  I’m not ashamed to say I think I did a fabulous job.  And only about 50 minutes!   I’ve tried to convince him that with regularity, I could only get faster.

Snow has been falling and we are in for much more over the next two days.  I love it and want to soak it all in as snow just doesn’t stick around long here.  I hope to get some shots of our snow play to share with you.

Warmth to you this winter day!


2 thoughts on “Living

  1. I saw that episode of Pioneer Woman last weekend, and I can’t wait to make her “flat apple pie” like you did. The rest of her meal looked awfully good too! Pork Butt being one of my favorites!! Kudos to Kutter!! 🙂 Remember when you wanted to be a chef? I still have the dish you got for Christmas one year I think it was……………… Love you.

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