Renewal and refreshing is what so many of us love about a new year.  I’m counted among them.  For me, it’s important to keep it short and simple.  Two categories narrow it down this year:   practical and spiritual.

I confess, I’ve been terrible about keeping my bath tub sparkling, well, really even less than sparkling.  For some reason, it struck me the other night and I was just fed up!  So there I was, at 10:30, scrubbing the tub, proclaiming this as the year for a sparkling tub!  Not too overwhelming, very attainable.  Practical.

As I thought about the spiritual aspects of a new year, two things were very clear.  First, that I needed to read through the bible in a year, a task I’ve tackled in the past, but it can never be done too much.

The second was simply to make God more visible in our family.  It’s so easy to fall into a pattern of internalizing our faith, our thoughts on God, our prayers, etc.  So this year, we will practice praying together more often, sharing in His word together (aloud), reporting how God has worked in our lives, declaring the beauty around us that moves us to worship Him and so much more.  He is a visible God, if we just allow it.  We look forward to the Year of Visible God in our family.  What’s ahead for your new year?





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